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State of the Art


Powered By Global, PBG, offers
Online course and learner management systems to colleges, universities and eLearning organizations.
The original PBG systems were created, operated, and installed by
Global Academy Online, the nation's premier online university bulder and provider of online private label curriculum and instruction to education organizations worldwide.

Powered By Global's private-label online institutional platform permits organizations seeking an opportunity to ease into the development and opportunity to deliver online curriculum and specialized iinstructional training to do it with ease and efficiency. This is accomplished through Powered By Global's state of the art technology applications -- an extraordinary environment in real time. First time and seasoned online instructors possess the means to create and deliver content to the distance education student with a process that compares favorably with the best traditional on-ground learning and instructional pedagogy.

Powered By Gobal systems are easy to access, easy to use, and most of all, completely capable of providing the type of instruction needed by adopting organizations. PBG fulfills the most demanding requirements whether it is one course, an entire degree, or certificate training program, brand new university or established traditional college.

Global Academy Online

Powered by Global Systems are designed by Global Academy Online practitioners skilled at the use and implementation of all the current commercial learning and course management systems. Powered By Global systems offer competitive delivery software including speciality systems designed for instutions in need of their own proprietary system. Whether designing and delivering one course, multiple program or hundreds of courses in a complex training environment, contact us for a cost analysis today.